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Johann Mendel - Life Science Club

The club aims to develop inquiring minds and curiosity about science and the nature world. The students will be aware of the global dimension of science, as a universal activity. And it enables students to discuss regarding science and technology and their interdependency which assist in development of knowledge to explain and apply scientific information to solve problems in familiar and unfamiliar situations.

The scientific and technological advancements of today have come a long way since the stone age stone age. Each individual have their own interests, talents and abilities .Gregor Mendel Club is started with a vision to bring out the talents hidden within the students in the field of science. It encourages students to exhibit their talents and improves their confidence. An important value of Life Sciences Club is social project, where the students learn co-operation and team work with each other by sharing responsibilities.

*To develop a general interest in science.
*To encourage individual and group activities.
*To stimulate active participation and initiative among students in learning process.
*To keep the students in touch with the recent advances in science.
*To develop a scientific temperament and research mind set.

Department of Botany on 29th August 2019 organized an activity for gregor mendal club students on homemade medicines. Mrs. Kranthi first explained in detail about the different herbs and there medicinal properties by ppt and the made them prepare the lozenges in the chemistry lab. Students were benefited by the knowledge and experience.

Department of Chemistry conducted a Food Fate in the Karunya Court on 7th September 2019 .This was with regards to the World Nutrition week. Students prepared some nutritive food and put stalls with poster telling about their nutritive importance and deficiency diseases.