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Peter Drucker - Management club

The club is formed as a platform for the students to showcase their individual talents as well as their collaborative participation in groups. It intends to mix and match different activities and workshops for the students which will be helpful in grooming and sharpening their skills. It is to make the students industry-fit and equip them for competetive times ahead. It believes in having fun while learning and to make the learning process interesting through it's variety of activities.

Our club enriches social entrepreneurship through knowledge creation by facilitating new and empowering connections. We challenge our students on how things are done and we teach them to constantly question and innovate. We teach to be effective in a world characterized by increasing complexity and confronted by daunting problems, our budding leaders must elevate their teams and organizations, connect and leverage, and work across boundaries of function, industry, and region. We improve better communication and coordination between all the students.